Converting a Basement

Tanking a Basement


We offer a basement waterproof tanking service throughout Swansea and the surrounding areas. Basement tanking needs to be carried out by specialist damp proofing companies to provide you with the best solution.

If you are looking to turn your basement into a damp free and comfortable living space then you will need to have the walls tanked. Restorahome are experts in tanking and can waterproof any basement throughout Swansea. If you have a wall suffering with lateral damp penetration, our tanking solution will prevent any further penetration into the interior of the structure and causing costly damage to in interior finish.

Benefits of Tanking

Tanking will prevent any further contamination to the wall plaster and stop any moisture from rising up and damaging the internal finishes by providing a barrier between the brickwork and the new plaster finish. This will significantly prolong the life of the new internal finish but will still allow the wall to breath so the moisture can evaporate from the structure.

Our tanking solution provides a firm key and impermeable barrier on any form of damp surface where direct bonding is out of the question. Our tanking system provides a physical barrier between the brickwork and the new plaster finish keeping the room damp free and making it a pleasant place to be.

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