Wet and Dry Rot Removal

Wet and Dry Rot Problem?

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Wet and Dry Rot Removal

Wet and Dry Rot Removal

Dry Rot is a serious problem and it must be identified as soon as possible. If Dry Rot is not prevented, timber within your household can become weak and brittle, which is not good for any stable property. When Dry Rot is occurring, you will be able to identify it from its appearance. Dry Rot generally displays itself as a dull muddy brown, with fairly deep cracks.

Timbers within households and properties which become damp and lack ventilation are most susceptible to a Dry Rot attack. There is only one true Dry Rot Fungus and this can spread across, and penetrate, soft brickwork, stone plaster and mortar. Although the fungus does not directly attack these materials, it is able to pass over and attack fresh timber in other parts of the building, beyond the initial area of attack.

Regarding Wet Rot Fungus, this is less serious but can occur more frequently. The decay is usually localised to where the timber becomes wet and stays wet.

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