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Woodworm Removal

This is the general term given to wood boring insects which attack all types of timbers and particularly those weakened by fungal decay. The insects lay their eggs in crevices on the surface of the wood, they then hatch and the pupa burrow into the timber, feeding on its contents. Adult insects emerge from the timber, through flight holes, lay more eggs and recommence the life cycle which can last from one to seven years (the Death Watch Beetle has a life cycle lasting up to ten years!) If Woodworms are not treated instantly, they will fly and spread rapidly throughout any wooden structures and furniture.

Our team are experts in surveying any suspected woodworm issues and can advise on the best way forward.

Water based treatment - This treatment was designed to have minimum exposure to people, pets and the environment from the chemicals used throughout treatments. This treatment is a permanent solution, our specialists in woodworm removal repairs will coat the areas infected by infestation, with a thick based water solution. This solution continues to remain within the affected layers, timber, cracks and flight holes to prevent any infestations from happening down the line. This water based treatment also helps to assist in treating fungal decay.

Fogging Treatment - This treatment was designed to specifically treat floorboards and skirting boards. All we ask is that if this was your preferred choice, that our specialists have access for the carpet to be peeled back along a single wall, followed the one floorboard that will need to be lifted. If the affected area is a main living space/working space then this would be ideal, as this treatment is designed to have an affected room back in full use within a few hours of woodworm treatment being successfully completed.

Fumigation - If our surveyor can see that a major infestation is happening, we will let you know before we begin treatment that the water based treatment and the fogging treatment, will not be successful. Woodworms taking over someone property is anybody's worst nightmare, we can enable the fumigation treatment which will immediately, eliminate all the life stage cycles of wood boring insect infestations.

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